Ryan Teller

Hervé Lavigne

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Main Customers

  • Manufacturers: Airbus Helicopters Group, Leonardo Italy, Bell helicopters, Guimbal, Robinson,

  • MRO: Heliconia, Babcock, HMC, MBH, Monacair

  • Engine providers: Safran Helicopters, P&W

Other activites

  • Consultant for all players involved in Helicopters services & specific projects:

  • Dedicated aircrafts operations

  • Trading services and Savings plan

  • MRO support


  • Economics School & Commercial university

Main Activites

Helicopter products director TALA:

  • Consulting, preparation and monitoring of all specific worldwide Logistics and Transport operations for full helicopters, spare parts contract, MRO activities and engines.

  • Organization, negotiation & improvement plan with decision-makers.

Background mainly in aeronautics

  • 2005: Project manager for QUALITAIR&SEA - Eurocopter Marigane

  • 2006-2010: Logistics and Transport Manager at Eurocopter France (Helicopters MRO)

  • 2010-2014: Sales Director (QUALITAIR&SEA)

  • 2014: Consultant for Helicopters Products (project implementation and global helicopters services)