Ryan Teller


  • Has held the position of Adjunct Faculty Professor at Coastline Community Colleges World Trade Institute of International Business

  • Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. degree in Aviation Management Science.

Main Activites

Has over thirty years of transportation, customs brokerage, distribution and 3PL experience focused on Aerospace

Others activites

  • Member of the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association

  • Senior Docent at Lyon Air Museum, Santa Ana, CA

Background mainly in aeronautics

  • Last position: Vice President Global Network at Schneider Logistics, a subsidiary of Schneider National Inc.

    He was responsible for the opening and acquisition of several forwarding and logistics operations plus the development of the global agency network.

  • Senior Vice President of Operations for North America at GeoLogistics, now Agility Logistics, one of the leading international logistic providers and freight forwarders. Under his responsibility was the aerospace group.

  • Was one of the founders and C.O.O. of Quoteship.com later merging with Logistics.com, a company specializing in optimization systems for airlines, ocean carriers and large trucking organization plus created procurement systems for some of the major Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace industry.

  • Held the position of Managing Director of Freight Services for American Airlines with corporate responsibilities for Americans domestic and international freight operations.

    - Management positions as Vice President International at AEI/Radix Group International, a major logistics forwarder/customs broker for the aerospace industry primarily serving the airline industry.

    - Director of Imports at BAX.